Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Active Rest-Make Every Second Count

What do you do in between sets? Do you stand around, flop to the ground or rush to take a seat?  While that may allow you to get a quick breather before the next exercise, there is a more effective  and efficient way to use that time! Get the most from every precious moment of your workout by using Active Rest.  Active Rest aka Active Recovery  is a simple concept that will help to improve your workouts and stamina. It is low intensity exercise  performed  during  the “rest” periods of a workout, typically these simple exercises or movements are done between sets at 30- 45 second  intervals. This keeps your heart rate elevated for longer periods of your workout which in turn makes your body a fat burner machine and helps you to burn more calories!  Some of my favorite active rest exercises are hula hooping, stretching, sit-ups, push-ups, leg raises, and jumping jacks. * I must note that hula hooping is the funniest, especially when done in a group setting…you will crack yourself up and keep your heart rate up at the same time! Implement one or several of these over the next few weeks and you are sure to see and feel a difference.  No Excuses, Just Results!

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  1. That's right, I prefer stretching during active rest as to avoid injury and to keep my muscles and loose and possible.