Thursday, April 26, 2012

Time, Dedication and Sacrifice = Results

No Short Cuts...Its just that simple.  I would love to tell you that there is a some magic pill,  an insane 5 minute workout or that just  crossing your fingers and wishing for a change is all it takes to get fit and healthy, but no such luck. Today its time for a lot of encouragement and a little tough love. You must commit to making your health a priority, simplify your life and find at least  20-45 minutes a day-  3 to 5 days week for movement exercises.  Notice that I did not say commit to going to the gym or doing a specific exercises,  just commit to MOVING.  When the time comes and you cant make it to the gym, put on your sneakers and walk around the parking lot of your job or walk up and down the stairs in your office or if you are home jump rope, hula hoop, do jumping jacks or go for a walk... Don't try, just DO!   

All change begins with a decision, remember to be mindful of your words, we often say that we are going to try to do this or that..trying and not doing can sometimes be the very same thing.   Time-Exercise  has to be a part of your calendar and daily agendas.  Dedication-Make it a habit and a necessary part of your day.  Sacrifice-Don't indugle in you favorite dessert everyday,  and at some point you will be sore and tired but in the end YOU will be better.